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Baby care 101: How to take care of a baby

I'm sure this article is being read by expectant or already new moms who have no clue as to how to take care of a baby. So the first tip is: Relax! Taking care of a child is not easy, but once you get the hang of it, you will pat yourself on the back for the great task you're doing! Especially for first-time mothers, don't freak out. Your kid is anyways too small even to notice you fumbling with baby care and making those mistakes. But we're here to help! So read on to know more:

Feed your baby:

A newborn child needs feeding every couple of hours. It may take you a while before you understand your baby's feeding pattern. Typically, newborns lose their baby weight, which they gradually regain after two weeks or so, when their feeding pattern regularises. Until then, you have to set alarms at regular intervals to wake up your baby for his feed.

Diaper duty:

Well, this is .....gross! And especially if you haven't done it before or have no experience whatsoever in it! You have to get used to your baby passing stools every few hours. Make sure you wipe your baby clean with wet wipes or a damp cloth. Cleaning a baby thoroughly after it passes motions is essential as you don't want your little one to catch up with some infections or be smelly all the time. So wipe him properly and ensure you wait for a few minutes before you put on a fresh diaper. To know more visit Perma Child Safety™ .

Sleep pattern analysis:

This is going to be different for every child. And just like the feeding patterns, getting the hang of the sleep pattern will also take some time. Until then you will be sleep deprived as your child will wake up at unexpected times. But hold on, things will get better in a while!

Keep your baby's sleep area clear:

Nothing that is suffocating in nature should be around your child. While you can line up the bed with pillows, stuffed animals and other stuff should be kept away. It may look cutesy, but remember, these things can also be a cause of harm to your child.

Hold your baby:

The more physical contact you have with your child, the better connect you will build. You will understand what your child needs. When your baby is crying, you need to analyse and understand what is annoying your child. Whether he is hungry or needs a diaper change or change of position or location – you have to try it all out to figure out the cause of crankiness. Sometimes all your kid needs is your presence. Just take him in your arms and sway him, sing to him and try to calm him down. You never know what works – so try everything possible!

Don't hesitate to take help:

If there are aunts and uncles and grandparents ready to pitch in, don't refuse! It will only give you some time to catch up on a nap and get refreshed. New mothers tend to get possessive about their babies, but at times it's okay to leave your child in the care of near and dear ones. Also, if you have any queries or doubts, you can take help from experienced mothers. And your doctor, after all, is the most reliable and trusted source for all the advice you need. Don't hesitate to give your doctor a call in case you face any issues.

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